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Vessels are prepared for antifouling by sanding, grinding, filling and fairing as required. All loose surfaces are sanded back and the underwater hull is then washed to provide a stable platform for antifouling. Vessels are spot primed or fully primed using airless spray. The vessel's waterline is then masked up, in preparation for antifouling. Vessels are antifouled using airless spray in two coats to manufacturer’s specifications. We use only the highest quality products and we stock and recommend International and Jotun antifouls and primers.


Hawkes Boatyard chandlery stocks a complete range of anodes. We will remove and replace anodes whenever you believe there is a need for us to do so.


Vessels are washed down and polished using our experienced professional applicators. This action cleans, brightens and seals the GRP or painted surfaces.


Boats are lifted onto wash down pad, scraped if required and the hull high pressure waterblasted at 3000 psi (206 bar) to remove all marine growth. A task carried out by our experienced personnel thus no damage to your vessel.


Propspeed is a silicone rubber product designed to prevent marine growth on props, rudders, shafts, trim tabs, and brackets etc. Most high performance vessels have it applied.


Preparation and application of full bottom systems including attaching keels on new vessels, wet sand or soda blasting and application of bottom systems on older vessels suffering from paint build up.


  1. Trestle and plank hire to industrial standard are available in the boatyard
  2. Paint screens to contain grinding and overspray are available for customer use
  3. All cradle and hardstand sites have water, single and three phase power, and compressed air available
  4. Ladders to industrial standard are available for each vessel
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